Staples Associate Connection – Important Information You Need to Know

If you are a Staples employee, you are able to access your employee information from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Staples Associate Connection – Important Information. You can simply visit the Staples Associate Connection and log in. Staples Associate Connection – Important Information You Need to Know. The most important question is “What Is Staples Associate Connection?”

The Staples Associate Connection is the employee human resources portal for all Staples stores. You will be able to view all of your personal information through the use of this portal. You will be able to see your job description, how much you get paid, how much vacation time you have and your sick leave too. You can also view your pay stubs and print them out in case you need to use them for employment verification.

Methods of logging into the portal.

In order to log into the portal, you will need your username and password. Your username is your employee id number. This numbers has been randomly assigned to you and is in alomst all cases 7 digits.

If you’ve left Staple and have been rehired, you will have the same 7 digit number. However, you may not have access until you are approved by the human resources department.

There are number of ways to find out what your employee id is. You can contact your human resource manager for your store. You can also look on your pay stub. If you still have your personal enrollment worksheet from when you oriented with the store. You will find your employee id in the upper right corner. The id is also found at Staples@Work People Search.

Are you a CE Associate? You will have to retrieve your employee id from the open enrollment material you’ll receive. This information should be mailed to you around the middle of May.

Once you have your username or employee id, all you need if your password to enter the portal. When you first start working for Staples, you will receive a default password. This is usually your year of birth and then the last four number of your social security number.

Once you log into the portal with your employee id and default password, you will have to change your password to ensure confidentiality. Choose a password that is easily remembered by you. Never share your information with anyone as they will be able to log into the portal and have access to all of your personal information regarding your work with Staples.

Be aware that passwords are case sensitive. Using capital letters in your password means you will have to enter capital letters each time you log in. It is wise to use both capital letters and numbers in your password to increase the security of it.

What if You Forget Your Password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can easily retrieve it by click on the forgotten password link. You will have to enter in your employee id and a way for your new password to be sent to you. Once you receive your new password, you will be instructed to log in and change it. Make sure to write down your password in a secure place to keep from having to retrieve your password from the system the next time you forget.

Handling Errors Found in the Portal

If you find an error in your personal information, you may correct it in the portal. You do not have to contact anyone about this change as it will show throughout the entire Staples corporation system.

If you find an error in your pay, you will have to contact the human resources department as well as your manager. You may have to verify the hours you worked to receive an adjustment.

Human Resource Ease with Associate Connection

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The Staples Associate Connection provides employees an easy way to handle most their human resources needs. When looking for employment with a company that cares about their employees, Staples is it.

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