Staples Employee Benefits

Staples cares about their employees. They provide them all that they need to remain healthy and safe in their work setting. If you’re interested in working for this company, here is what you can expect as part of Staples employee benefits program.

Consumer Driver Health Care

Staples understands that everyone has a right to choose the health care plans they need and want. For this reason, they place emphasis on consumer driven health plans. Employees and their families are able to select the plans that fit their lifestyle, health, and well-being the best.

Medical Care Plans

Two of the options offered to employees are company funded called Health Reimbursement Account and Health Savings Account. With the latter choice, employees are able to save money to put towards medical expenses. With Staples rewards, employees can also earn money towards the savings account.

Dental Care Plans

Those are just health plans, but there are also dental plans. They want to make sure employees are seeking preventative care as well as critical care. As a bonus, employees that only need minimal preventative care can receive it for free as part of their medical care plan.

Vision Care Plans

Employees who are able to see well are able to help customers better. For this reason, Staples offers vision care plans to its employees. Employees will receive assistance with paying for eye exams, and if corrective lenses are needed, they will receive help with the cost of frames, lenses, contacts, and even refractive eye surgery.

Just like the bonus that employees receive with dental care plans, employees that only need a routine eye exam will be able to do so using their medical care plan. Employees will only need to pay a minimal amount for the co-pay.

Retirement Plans from Staples

For employees seeking a career with Staples, they can seek retirement benefits. The 401(k) Savings Plan enables employees to save for the future by saving on taxes now. Employees can contribute up to 50 percent of their pay before taxes are taken out. Staples will match every dollar with $.50 up to 6 percent of the contribution you make to the savings plan.

Staples employees can also take advantage of the Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). It enables employees to contribute up to 10 percent of their pay to Staples stock. Employees also receive a 15 percent discount on the stock price at the moment they make the contribution.

For employees and their dependents interested in seeking a higher education, Staples offers a Scholarship Program. Employees must apply for it, and acceptance is dependent on total household income, academic achievement, and few other factors that the human resources department can describe during the application process.

Time Off with Staples

Everyone needs time off of work sometimes, and Staples does a good job with providing their employees with vacation, holidays, and other types of days off. While Staples is opened during some holidays, employees work floating holidays, which means everyone gets a turn in having to work a holiday, so others can have it off. Staples also grants sick/family days and bereavement leave.

Work for Staples for Support

Benefits are available to support you as an employee. Staples wants you to be remain healthy and happy while working for its company. Along with medical, dental, vision, and retirement plans, there is also LifeScope, which is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). If you ever feel as though you need counseling, this program is completely confidential, and available to all Staples employees.

If you’re seeking a company to work for that care about their employees, consider working for Staples.