How to get a job at Staples

If you are wondering how to get a job at Staples, your not alone.  Its easy to get a job at Staples. Smile, be friendly, and be outgoing.  Staples is always looking for people to increase customer satisfaction and in turn increase their sales.

Your first step to getting a job at Staples is to apply online.

They get a significant number of applications daily and you will get pooled into different categories based on your answers as well as the specific job that you are applying to.  There really isnt that much to distinguish you as a job applicant at this phase as it is hoping that they get a chance to go over every applicant and that they dont blinding over look your application.  It happens and is part of the process of finding work anywhere.

A common recommendation is to wait a week after you have submitted your application and to then travel to the store you want to work at.  Find the manager and be sure to let them know you applied to the position you are seeking.  Be sure they also have your name and contact information. Just be sure it is given in a professional manner and not scribbled in crayon or whatnot  This makes you stand out.  Also be sure to dress above the job you are seeking.  No tshirts and ratty jeans.

Doing this will help you stand out and will help put a face to your name as you try to get a job at Staples.