Staples Teacher Rewards: Save on Teaching Supplies

Schools often give teachers a certain amount of money to use on classroom supplies. Once that money is gone, it’s up to the teachers to pay for whatever they need to educate their students. To help teachers afford the cost of supplies, Stables has implemented a Staples Teacher Rewards program.

About the Staples Teacher Rewards Program

Teachers can enter the program easily by going to the Staples Rewards website. By completing the form on the website, teachers will be able to track all of the items they’ve purchased that are included in the rewards program. A percentage of the cost of all of the supplies included in the program will be paid back to the teachers once they accumulate a certain amount.

What’s Included in the Program

The supplies included in the program changes throughout the year. Most of the time, ink, toner, paper, Copy & Print, and teaching and art supplies are included. During back to school season, there is usually many more items included, so it’s best to check with the Staples flyer and on the Staples website to find out exactly what is considered part of the rewards program for teachers.

What’s the Rewards Percentage

Ten percent is what is usually offered, but there are some periods that only five percent is given in rewards. While this may not seem like much for a reward, it can add up quickly. Just think how many times you’ve spent a hundred dollars. For every one hundred dollars, you’ll earn ten dollars.

How to Use the Rewards

Once you’re a member of the rewards program, you’ll be able to track how much you’ve earned in rewards on the website. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can trade them in for gift cards and other items available through the program. If you don’t see anything you like and you don’t want a gift card, you can wait a few months for more points and additional items. Your rewards do not expire at the moment.

How to Save Even More with the Rewards Program

Many times, Staples will allow teachers to combine sales with the rewards. If you look out for the sales events, you can get a huge discount on school supplies, and then rewards on top of those savings. Being patient, comparing prices, and getting what you want before you need it are great ways to reap all of the benefits of the teacher’s program through Staples.

How to Get Started Today

The sooner you become a  member of the Staples Teacher Rewards program the faster you’ll start to earn rewards towards purchasing the items you really want and need at a reduced cost. Signing up on the website only takes a few minutes, and you’ll receive a rewards card in just a few days. You can sign up throughout the year, so don’t think you have to wait until the back to school season.

Staples wants to support the teachers of America, so take advantage of their rewards program.