Thank You For Coming To Our Aid

7.21 World Geopolitical Intel Given to Keenan to Report 2013 – (October)

Keenan reports intelligence that came to him first;

Pentagon Thank You For Coming To Our Aid.

Four Top Generals With The Highest Clearance In The United States Stood Up For Us And Lost Their Jobs And Support From Their Family, October 21, 2013.

These patriots stopped a plot to detonate nuclear warheads in Charleston, South Carolina; An intended as a false flag attack that was ordered through Obama by his handlers.

These patriots took the nuclear warheads 600 miles offshore, where they were dropped deep in the ocean and detonated (seismic records show).


During this time Obama, Biden and others of their inner-circle were hunkered down in their super-bunker under the White House, expecting to come out and see over 20 million dead on the east coast, thereby allowing them to create their martial law over the country.

The Nukes were never signed out of Fort Hood.

President Obama had them stolen in the middle of the night and ordered the Generals to detonate them in the midst of Charleston. It was the Keenan team who brought light to the nuclear explosions off the coast of South Carolina, otherwise it is possible we would never have known about it.

Thank God this was prevented by the four top generals. Obama had them all fired for  “alcohol and gambling charges” and for disobeying his orders.

It was after this that Obama went to all other Generals and asked if they were

called to do it, would they fire on their own people.

If they said no, those Generals were fired.

This information is vital for all world citizens.